Halalan 2013

Last monday, May 13, 2013 is the Election Day for Senatorial positions and local positions. It's my first time to vote and I'm a bit excited about it. It's was summer here in the Philippines so i decided to wear comfy outfit.

I wore the I love Philippines white shirt from Kultura, you can buy it at Sm Department Stores nationwide and yes, i was holding a bottle of water.

and then wearing this Artistry Denim Shorts w/ leather-like star detail. The star detail can also be seen on the pockets.

also pair it with a Casio watch and it really looks like a gshock.. the watch is my lil brother's but i really like it.  xD
but on the first pic you'll see that i'm wearing different watch there w/c is my favorite..well i just changed watch that time, so yeah :) it's Boardwalk Timepiece with a very slim red leather strap.

I really can't leave or go anywhere without a bag. Bag for me is really essential because i don't like holding things with my hand or put them in my pocket. I always carry a bag. So this one is a small silver body bag from Nine West. This was given by my cousin's wife. I love body bags and backpacks. 

and yes! my favorite part..... my galaxy shoes :3 it's my first time to wear it since i made it. well yea, i made it..the galaxy design thingy, it's just a plain black
tennis shoes. and because it's plain black, i decided to make it a galaxy one.

I also paired my shoes with a galaxy wallet w/c i also made the design ♥ I absolutely love galaxy design. But you can't see it coz it's in my bag and the wallet is also my lil bro's. He's not using it so I played w/ it. :D

So i went to the F.G Calderon Integrated School by 10am, it was my school when i was in grade 2. The process of voting was just 10-15 mins. only i guess but what made it super long was the long line and the slow? people... I waited for more than 2 hours i guess. 

At last! I voted! :)
Thank you for reading and God bless. ♥


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