BDJ Rendezvous - From Fears to Fierce

Hi there! Are you a Bella like me? If you are, you should join Belle De Jour's event like this one. :) And it's my first time, I'm not able to attend their events before because I thought it would be lonely if I come all alone. But NO. :)
I got invited to this event through Belle De Jour Power Planner's post in facebook, inviting bellas to come and join . But before that, you will post/share something and email them.

On this banner, you can see what is it all about, when and where was it held.

It's just pretty hard to get to Eastwood since I'm so far away from there and it's more difficult because it's my first tine there without companions and of course, to commute. :/

I survived being alone and got there! I was one of the early birds of the event.
See? They're still setting up when I arrive. xD

and btw, I met new friends, they are the first two...
Me, Ate Criselda and Ate Rita
(sorry for my haggard face it's because of the travel thing and yes, no filter and bare face only.)

Upon registering, they gave us this piece of pink yarn which we wore as bracelet. You'll need this to get your own loot bags after the event.

Photo grabbed from Ate Joey's album. Thank you! :) Please visit her blog:
The perks of being an early bird....ta da! we had GC and discount voucher from Serenitea and IKMF for being early there! :D

Our emcee for the event is the beatiful, Ms. Tracy Abad from Mellow 94.7.

grabbed from BDJ's email to me :D
Ms. Tracy

They conducted several games all throughout the event which we really enjoyed.

This was the first game.

This was the second game, a tongue twister. I really regret that I didn't join this game! ;(

If I'm not mistaken, we had four games in the event and this photo belongs to the third game. xD

I had a chance to join one game which is kinda difficult. I forgot the name of it. And I think it's the last game then.

And my number for the game, my favorite number, 8. ♥

And now, the "seminar" part of the event.

We had four guest speakers for that day and the first to speak is Ms. Alex Lapa of

She's very inspiring, well all of them actually. I just love how she carries herself. She's so gorgeous!
She talked about Fashion Experimentation which I really enjoyed listening to.

Our second speaker is a traveller, she's Ms. Prime Sarmiento of
She opened our eyes and hearts for not fear travelling alone and the wonder of it.

Ms. Prime while speaking.

After the two guest speakers, it's snack time! and OMG, the food was so delicious! 
Buffet style miryienda at the Veranda. :D 
Hmm, pasta, salad, and the chicken lollipop thing but actually was not a chicken lollipop, it has quail egg and other stuffs  inside. But oh-so delicious! ♥

After snacking, we had the time to sit back, rest and relax while the third guest speaker from Benefit was setting up.

So yes, our third speaker was from Benefit and he is the supervisor or the assistant supervisor... oh! i already forgot. Sorry. :(
And he is Mr. RJ Palacio, he talked and demonstrate how to do your eyebrows and day makeup.

While setting up for his demo.
Demo part. The model is pretty! ♥

And last but not the least, Ms. Erica Paredes of for fitness tips.
She inspires me more to eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods and fast foods.
and she's really gorgeous, pretty and all! ♥

It seems like most of us were listening attentively! HOW TO LOOSE WEIGHT. Haha
One of the last raffles, ate Criselda got what she really want, a loot bag from Sasa. I just got another GC from Seritiea from the raffle.
The event was a blast! I'll surely attend more events by BDJ for sure! ♥

And the last part of the event are the LOOT BAGS! :D

While in line waiting for our turns to get our own loot bags.
Another new friend, Ate Sheen, Ate Criselda and Me. :D

My loot bags! ♥

What's inside my loot bags???
Loot bags + other freebies + prizes
GCs + discount vouchers
Well, the last thing I got is my Belle De Jour Lifestyle Card! ♥

I really enjoyed attending to this event and wanting more! It's really nice to meet new people and befriend them. Yummy food and lots of giveaways and freebies! 
See you soon my dear Bellas at the next event, BDJ Box Beauty Social! ♥

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S. this is a late post. :( The event was held last August 17,2013. And I'm sorry, I don't have enough pictures of other happenings in the event.

Some views of Eastwood Mall


  1. I enjoyed the pictures
    Will you like to follow each other

  2. Uwow! It's great to see you and the rest having fun. I hope to join on their next event. ^_^ I might feel the same too, alone. Ha-Ha.

    1. thank you dear! it was really FUN :) ♥