I Played with GOODY - Goody's Come Play 2013

Last September 14, 2013, I went to SM Mall of Asia to attend Goody's event: Come Play 2013. It was my first time to attend such event and  I must say that the experience was fascinating! I will attend next year for sure! :)

Here are the photos I took during the event which will inform you on what happened during the event...

I was one of the early birds that arrived in the event, I was no. 8 on the registration list(if I'm not mistaken).

The Goody Staff will stamp you this for easy access when you register. They will also give your loot bag after you register but you will see it later.
Ate Criselda's arm, mine was smudged so I took a photo of her arm with the mark.

In order for you to access the booths, talks, and freebies you should have an invite like this one. I have two invites to the event which is a long story...

The event place and booths were still empty until some of us tried out the different booths.

I first tried the Nippon booth where I had a free cleaning for my makeup brushes. Maximum of five brushes per invite.

Selfie mirror shot :D

The next booth I tried was the Beauty and Butter booth for free manicure and nail color.
I tried the booth with ate Cris, a friend of mine. :)
Love this hot pink nail polish from ORLY.

The next booth we tried was the Fujifilm Intax booth where we had a free photo photographed by an intax mini.

Then the next booth we tried was the Philips' booth where I had my hair ironed.

After that, we had our photos at Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 booth

So ahhh-dorableee~
Then at the Gonuts Donuts' Booth, we decorated our own glazed donuts. I had two ♥

We also had a chance to taste their spreads.
At the Flipsters' booth, we played heart origami.

My lunch at KFC. Cheesyfied & baconized.


It's finally time for the talks/workshops. The talks/workshops started around 1pm.
while waiting for Chase Chua's Hair Braiding Workshop
At last, it finally started. The first in line was the hair braiding workshop by Chase Chua of www.chasingtheworld.com

Since I'm fond of braiding and I already knew what she was going to teach, I volunteered to become her model. The first braid was simple french braid, then the waterfall braid, after that is her own mix braid and lastly, the fishtail braid.

Waterfall hair braid. By Chase Chua and latter part by Ate Criselda, my partner.

Chase Chua's own mix braid.

We also had a fitness and styling consultation with Alyanna Martinez after the braiding session.

Btw, my boyfie :)

While waiting for the last three talks by the big three bloggers of the Philippines: Camille Co, Kryz Uy and Laureen Uy.

Goody had different side segments like these while waiting for the major talks.

I forgot her name but she's from Beauty and Butter. 

The hos of the event were Patricia Prieto (of www.itsparadigma.com) and Bianca Saldua (Miss World 2nd Runner Up| TV Anchor| Radio Broadcaster)

The first major speaker was Camille Co of www.itscamilleco.com
She talked about DIY Fashion. I really love her, she's so jolly and gorgeous! 

Photo with Camille ♥

Side segment: Wacoal
Representatives from Wacoal PH gave us tips in buying and properly wearing a bra.

Side segment: Nippon Makeup tools
A representative from Nippon talked about their products and what to use in certain makeup mess.

The 2nd major talk was about beauty by Kryz Uy of www.kryzuy.com
Honestly, she's my most favorite blogger. ♥ IDK why, i just love her :3

Taken before her talk ♥

The last talk for the event was Ms. Laureen Uy, I had my pictures taken with here before she talked.

Laureen talked about accessorizing ideas for different outfits. She asked two volunteers from the attendees and it was me and my friend Liezel who volunteered. I'm representing the girly look while Liezel represented the edgy look.

After we vonlunteered, Laureen gave us the accessories she chosen for our outfits.
And here they are, aren't they lovely?? ♥

So as time flies so fast and the last talk ended but before that, they had the last raffle and guess what?

I won! woooohoooo! Patiricia asked me if it was my birthday because she said it's always me. and I was so lucky. hihih

at the back of my head, I'm blessed, and yes... it was may birthday! Last month, indeed! heheh Felt like it was still my birthday. xD

Here are the Goody products I have won at the raffle. ♥

As the event ended, I had my picture taken with Patricia Prieto.

What's in the loot bag????
and also with the other stuffs I got from the event.

I really had fun at my first Goody Come Play Event. ♥ I look forward attending more events by Goody Philippines.
Thank you so much for reading this post! Hope to see you on the next event guys. Thank you so much! God bless! 

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