Unboxing: Lucious Locks - August BDJ Box

Hello there everyone! It's been a while since my hiatus in blogging, I was bbbuuusssyyy. AND NOW I'M BACK. To start off... here is my unboxing for August BDJ Box, let's see what's inside! <3

This was made as the FB page's cover photo for us to get a hint on what will be the theme for the month of August.
Photo credit: BDJ Box
August is my birth month so this box is one of my gifts for myself. ;) I received my box last week of August, and I just unboxed it yesterday. Meanwhile, BDJ Box team announce that 100 lucky bellas will receive a full-sized item from a trusted skincare brand. And guess what? I'm one of those lucky bellas. hihihih. <3

So that trusted skincare brand is none other than, SHISEIDO. <3
Upon opening the box, I really wondered what's inside. 
My month's beauty surprise... taaa daaa! Isn't it lovely???? <3

This month's box was focused on the girls' crown and glory that's why the theme is called: Lucious Locks. Just in perfect time of the year where almost everybody is stressed out and in time to get ready for December. Personally, I really need this because my hair now is already dry, dull and frizzy due to extreme hair color applications. But then, BDJ Team didn't forget our other beauty needs that's why the box has other stuffs than hair care stuffs.

The box has a total of 8 products inside, let's see it one by one:

1. Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, 30ml - Php 3,500.00
    This lux essence from Shiseido will make your skin supple and glow with health.

Since I was one of the 100 lucky bellas, I received a full-sized product. Those who haven't selected got a sample size.
I will do a review for this soon.

2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine, 4g - Php 350.00
    I find this new for me esp. the shade I got and its shimmery, I really don't use this kind of lippies. So I'm excited to try it out.

The shade is TERRA COPPER. So I know you already imagined how the color looks like. Well, it's actually a brownish-orangy copper with shimmer.
3. Fan Di Fendi Blossom, 30 ml - Php 2,850.00
    We got 3 sampler sachets to try this one, it's a combination of fruity, floral and musk which I can already tell that this is sooo mabango.


4. L'oreal Professionel Mythic Oil Nourishing Masques, 200ml - Php 1,095.00
    The sample size we got for the hair mask is 75ml.
5. L'oreal Professionel Mythic Oil, 125ml - Php 995.00
    The sample size we got for the hair oil is 45ml.

6. Garnier Color Natural, 100ml - Php 199.00
    This is a good hair color which will take care while you're coloring it since it has olive oil.

7. blo vouchers - Php 400.00
    I'm excited to try blo, it will be my first time and what really my target is their deep conditioning treatment, I badly need it. hehehe

My hair is always take for granted, I haven't really pay attention in caring it so it's damaged. But with the August box, I will surely have a healthy hair again... from damaged hair to healthy hair. Thanks BDJ Box Team for this lovely treat! Beauty boxes never fail to excite me especially the BDJ Box. I always feel satisfied! - feeling happy. :)

Every BDJ Box has this 'life sticker' (yeah, I call it life stickers) to give you some life or boost your confidence, etc. 

The subscription for the box is Php. 580.00 (1 month/box). If you want to have your own BDJ Box just visit www.bdjbox.com.

What do you think to the August Box?
That's all for now, til next time. :) 
Thank you so much for reading this post!