I Cut the Edges

As a student, I really want to be comfortable at all times especially on what I'm wearing which is appropriate for the place/event and the weather.

This was my outfit last Sunday at the BDJ Box Beauty Social - Camp Gorgeous which was also picked by Nicole Andersson and won as one of the 'Best-dressed Bella' during the said event. Nicole also made me 'kilig' when she said... 'the girl in front is actually cute.' OMG. hihih.

So since it was raining that day, I decided to wear:
  •  a  star-studded pullover to fight the cold weather;
As you can see here, aside from the studs, it has holes in it which will make you wear it even it's not cold. ;)
  • a skater skirt for a girly look;
  • high socks, so I don't get cold coz I'm wearing a skirt;
  • converse classic sneakers;
  • jansport backpack;
  • vogue bull-cap/snapback;

I also wore this leatherette studded cuff links which a lil bit deadly. lol jk.

I'm wearing my cat ears headband here, since I have brought it with me why not use it. hehe.

I also accentuate my outfit with a metallic chain earrings which is very cute.

I looked edgy/sporty/girly all in one look but what I really love about my outfit is... being comfortable despite the hassles of rainy weather brings. 

Did you like my outfit?
Thank you so much for reading this post!


*more photos


  1. lovely

  2. Cool look, love it! :)

    Brina xoxo,

  3. Love the outfit, it looks great on you :)


  4. So cute and cool at the same time, love it!
    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo