Where to eat at U.P. Dilaman? - Best Food Stop

Last night, I was in search of blog posts about the best place/s where to eat inside the U.P. Diliman Campus. Because we're going to watch a stage play there as a course requirement. I even asked my friends in facebook. hehe. So I've found multiple suggestions but today, I and my friends ended up in three eating stations (I'll consider the last one as 'eating' station. hehe) all located in U.P. Shopping Center.

1. Rodic's Diner
    Since it's very late in the afternoon and we're very hungry already after watching a stage play, we decided to eat our late lunch and we decided to eat here. It's one of the known and oldest restaurants in the campus. They are serving the hungry people of the U.P. since 1949, can you imagine that?

Rodic's Diner is very famous because of their TapSiLog. Yeah, I think every Filipino loves tapsilog... so that's what we ordered. And, they are right! It's very delicious, we're all satisfied and made vows to eat there again. <3

2. Fishball and friends Food Stall
    Who doesn't  love tusok tusok foods? I bet we love it all, excluding those who are, you know... ;) We didn't want to go home yet and since one my girl friends said she'll treat us something because it was her birthday, we ate here.

How was the tusok tusok foods? Well, it tastes like others but what it made standout among others is their own sauce. The sauce is one of kind, oh-so-delicious. Although the spicy sauce is very spicy.

3. Healthy Fruit Shakes
    This fruit shake stall is famous because of it's fresh fruits and the DIY thing, you can decide and mix on what to put in your shake, e.g. apple, banana, carrots, and peach. 

 It's a very hot afternoon and we're really craving something cold and replenishing. This is my drink, it's a house-blend already... honeydew, grapes, watermelon and milk... nomnommmm delicious and nakakabusog!

Btw, all are very affordable and cheap. You'll just need around Php 200.00 as your budget. And all in all, we had a tummy-full-filling day. We would surely visit those food stops again and again.
I'll be doing another blog post for Rodic's Diner and Healthy Fruit Shakes so stay tuned. :)

Meet my friends... (Me,) Roan, Gelai and Yeye.

Would you visit those food stops that we have visited? Would you eat there too
If so, let me know your experience!
That's all for now, til next time. :) 
Thank you so much for reading this post!

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