Honey's Kimchi - The Original since 1973

I've been fond of Korean culture since when I was a highschooler and as a Filipino, the love of food is always there. I've been eating korean dishes for such a long time in different establishments that offers korean food and my favorite is chapchae, the korean version of pansit. Little did I know that there's an establishment that  has been serving korean dishes since the 70's.

I, together with the bloggers had the opportunity to visit, eat, and bond in a korean food establishment that has been here since 1973, the Honey's Kimchi. It is also my bf's first time to do a food review in this blog post and from my now on, he'll be officially part of my blog. Yay! (aside from being my official photographer.hihihi)

Food we ate: All in the menu except from the  fish stew.

Yeoja thoughts: 
Honey's kimchi is all new to me, to us.  It's actually known as 'Kimchi' before but then, the owners rebranded it on 2001 and made it 'Honey's Kimchi'. And also, their tagline ''the original since 1973'' refers to the original recipe that is from the original Korean businessman owner  that the present owners have managed to keep until now. 
I really love how the taste blends well together, it offers savory, delicious and satisfying dishes that is also budget-friendly to all. Their serving is generous. Their kimchi is also homemade with love by Mrs. Erlinda Ramirez, the owner.
Value for money:  
Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

Namja's thoughts: We will definitely visit Honey's Kimchi from time to time because of their tasty and mouthwatering food yet so affordable. They are also unique and original at the same time. And we are looking forward to the expansion of it. By the way, Honey's Kimchi is open for franchising, so if you're looking for a good business... checkout their details below.
Value for money: 
Overall Rating: 
A Must-try and our faves: chapchae, spicy squid, beef stew, spicy chicken bbq.

The Menu
A closer look...
They also have in there menu this Sukiyaki which is a japanese dish, Ms. Bry said that it's been there in their menu since the 70's. They also have fish stew in their menu but wasn't available that time.
Interviewing the heir. Heheh. Ms. Bry, the daughter of the owner to explain and give us details about Honey's Kimchi
Ms. Bry together with the early birds. heheh

Meet the busy bloggers, ehehhehehe.
Ms. Bry Ramirez, owner.                                   Me and Ms. Bry

And lastly, a groupie.
Price Range: Php 70.00-200.00 /person
Recommended for: k-poppers, family, friends...eveybody.
Branch visited: SM North Edsa, Food Court
Contact No.:Tel: +632 823 64 65/ 776 66 68
Fax: +632 823 64 65
Instagram: @honeyskimchi
Facebook: Honey’s Kimchi

Email: hello@honeyskimchi.com
Website: http://www.honeyskimchi.com/
SM City North Edsa
SM City Bacoor
Robinsons Galleria
Shangri-la Plaza
Mall of Asia Hypermarket
Shaw Blvd. Hypermarket
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