Meet the Meaty Grillers by Taco Bell!

Eating burritos, tacos, nachos, okay...mexican foodies has always been my favorite since when I was a high schooler. And my favorite place to get them is ONLY at Taco Bell.  :)

Taco Bell together with Zomato Philippines organized a foodie meetup event for 30 bloggers where Taco Bell introduced the new items in their menu: 

The Meaty Grillers - layers of meat and other flavorful ingredients all grilled and wrapped in a tortilla which come in two varieties. And heavy enough for lunch/dinner! :)


Ingredients: chili beef, jalapeno cheddar cheese sauce, potato bites, flour tortilla

The taco is not included in ala carte.

Ingredients: fiesta rice, pork bbq, pepper jack sauce, diced onions, flour tortilla

I love how both the variety of meaty grillers meet what I'm expecting in such a foodie. It's  delicious, generous amount of ingredients, it is really heavy in tummy. If you're too busy to eat a decent meal,  you can just grab one of these and eat. It's an all-in-one. I promise you, you will be satisfied and even if you're full already, you will crave for more! XD

* Meaty Grillers A La Carte Price: Php 85.00
(1 meaty griller)
* Combo Price: Php 149.00
 (1 meaty griller, 1 crunchy taco, and a drink!) YOU WILL SAVE Php 14.00 PESOS! 

Although, we started late due to traffic and some events we can't really avoid, the foodie meetup was a success and it was such a fun-filled experience since it's just my first timeee.

The meet-up place, Taco Bell Food Express, 3rd Level, Gateway.
What I first saw in the event area. Freebiessss. HHAHA

Ms. Maki of Taco Bell welcomed us and gave a short introduction.

While we're introducing ourselves one by one. Hehehe 

The yummeh bucket of Nachos with cheese dip as our appetizer.

Le drinks for everyone!

The first set of meaty griller combo. hehehe *This photo never failed to make me feel hungry.*

The first game we had, Pinoy Henyo. We also had Q and As and The Hephep Hooray Taco Bell version.
And towards the end is the raffle, I won a Zomato Shirt. <3

And of course, groupiesss.

*photo grabbed from Taco Bell Philippine's FB page

*with French                                 *with Mommy Joey                      *with Ms. Maki

               *with Hershey                                            *with Sir Gary Alonzo

Loots I brought home with me, I also had a take-out of 1 meaty griller which I already ate that's why it's not in the photo anymore. Yum! lol
Un/fortunately, Taco Bell only have 3 branches (aside from the kiosks) in our country, 2 branches are situated inside the Gateway Mall, Cubao: one is at the Ground level (which served breakfast) and one at the 3rd floor, Food Express; the last one is at the Level 2 of Trinoma Mall. They also have 6 Taco Bell kiosks inside the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. Butttttttttttt Taco Bell promised that they will be expanding sooooooon! YAAAAAY! :)

Thank you Taco Bell Philippines and Zomato Philippines for inviting us and for the wonder-full-tummy experience! Until next time. :)
Thank you so much for reading!

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