My 1st Blogapalooza 2014 Experience

Hi there,
I posted an event info for bloggers before which  was 'Blogapalooza 2014'. The event was held at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura on Oct. 11. It was supposed to be last Sept. 27 but was postponed due to the typhoon. But it's worth the wait I may say.

It's my first time to attend such bloggers event since I'm a newbie in the industry. There are so many  booths to checkout which I all checked one after the other. Each booth offers a lot of goodies and unique cool games and promos for the bloggers. The brands and companies  were very friendly and accommodating especially if you are curious about their products and services. I also like that you can bring one person with you during the event and I brought my boyfriend with me. He said that he enjoyed the event very much and he hopes that may all the events that I will be attending with him are like that. heheh.

Here are the compilation of pictures which I took during the event to make you see how the event was (you can just click on the picture to enlarge it):

The registration area. It was separated into two which are for bloggers and for the plus ones.
They have this background infront of the registration area.

This is the stage area where all the presentations happened.

Some of the talk presentations, they had a numerous of presentation by different brands and companies. It was hard to take pictures of them all coz you're busy listening to them even all the booths. Some were very blurry due to excitement I guess. hehehehe

The first booth I'd checked is the Our Awesome Planet. They offer this cool thing where if you hold a picture of a certain character like Maleficent you would be turning like you're wearing the Maleficent costume like I do in the picture.

Hot air balloon photobooth offered by Image Nation Photography and Wang Videography. They will also give a press kit to blog about them.

The booth is Lactium which offers a free tablets of Lactium. It is a tablet to fight stress.

The first thing you need to do before enjoying each booths is to signup and register. If you have a calling card, you may give them a copy for raffle, promo and contact/business purposes.
Signing up at Fukuda, Max's and Victoria Court

Signing up at Ace Water Spa and Hotel Suites, Habitat and Zap

Acer Philippines' booth, Globe Telecom's booth and signing up at Brainfit Studio

Signing up at Zion Wifi booth, Crocs Philippines booth and Dr. Kong Booth

Signing up at Touchpay booth, Authority Hoodie, and Boardgames booth

Signing up at Bioessence booth, Zing Rewards booth and Chips Ahoy booth

Signing up at Bluewater Day Spa, Natural Quality Corp, and My Shopping Box

The Skyzone booth, Dyson booth, Zion Wifi booth

The Fukuda booth, Flawless booth and Ideal Vision booth.

Things you can get at Easy Taxi booth

Eat out manila's sticker contest and the booth where you can fine the lonely poet.

And a selfie with this Chickie Boy of Max's.

The lovely Sample Room's booth.
 And their lovely gifts to bloggers and my selfie. Huehue :">

You're too busy and may forgot to eat in the event which I really did. I had my lunch about 2pm. But thank goodness to the numerous booths who offered foodiesss, I didn't feel hungry at all. I actually went home with a bloated tummy! :">

Here's what can you get at Chef's Noodle's booth. I just tasted the kimchi sushi. I don't know how does it called.

The booth of Chips Ahoy! which let us to taste their newest ice cream creation's flavors: root beer float and mint chocolate chip. I think they also have the pastillas de leche. Well, all are delicious!

The Krispy Kreme's booth where you can decorate/ add toppings and recreate your original honeyglazed Krispy Kreme donut which we enjoyed much. Hehehehe


The delicious booth of Niu by Vikings. I had a crush on chef. XD Anyways, what they offered to bloggers was resto and food tour into Niu. I will be posting a different blog post for that tour.
Lemme just tell you this, the foodies were not just delicious to look at but to eat also! <3

The unlimited Yellow Cab pizza which you can choose from two flavors: all cheese or pepperoni; and the Lasagna from The House of Lasagna

I am very very happy that I was able to attend this event and I will surely attend next year. Kudos to the organizers, business partners and bloggers that made this event possible! Arigatou gozaimasu mina-san!  <3

And I will end this blog post with the loots that I got in the event through signing up, online campaigns, games, dares, etc. We have press kits, samplers, GC's, discount coupons, ballpens, mugs, shirt, notepads, full-sized products and mooooooore. Just look at the photos. mehehehe

What are your thoughts on the event? Meheheh that's the perks of being a blogger ;)


  1. Glad you had fun! :D I hope I could meet you on next events like this!

    PS: We have the same blog layout hehe :D

    1. You surely did too! :D oo nga, sana we can meet.... just approach me and pakilala ka lang if ever. heheh

      and yes, we have the same layout! ganda kasi ehhh. haloo there sissy. :D

  2. Hope to experience the same as you did. But I'm too far away.

    Congrats on your 1st blogapalooza!

    1. ohh, that's sad, but you can try next year! As far as I know, other bloggers were from cebu and other far place.

      Thank you! Hope to see you as well in such event. hehehe :D