PhilCare's NFC Card- the first in the Philippines!

Tired of waiting for long lines, being queued every time when you're in medical institutions? Introducing the newest innovation and most advanced take on medical assistance, the Philcare's NFC Card. This is the first NFC-enabled HMO card in the Philippines which will give Filipinos the experience of first class medical assistance.

NFC-capable card means to do away with the usual tedious process of availing health services from health maintenance organization (HMO). With a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine coverage and benefits of a member, as well as other details of the member's account.

PhilCare came up and put in operation NFC-capable membership cards designed to make availability of health services from hospitals faster, more efficient, and close to paperless. With just a single tap, hospitals and clinics can now determine coverage and benefits of a member’s account.

Benefits of the Membership Card:

· Convenient and Efficient – Be assured of quick, efficient and accurate service with just one tap of your card on the NFC terminal.

· Easy viewing of membership benefits – Your eligibility status and membership benefits are immediately confirmed,

· Real Time update of member records – Patient information updated in real time – the first of its kind in the Philippines healthcare industry.

· Quick approval of letter of Authorization (LOA) request for consultations and selected outpatient procedures.

This new technology is the first of its kind in the Philippine health care industry and allows patient information to be updated in real time, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate service. So what are you waiting for, get yours now! 

To know more about PhilCare, you may visit and follow them online:

For inquiries, uou may call them at 802-73-33 local 19224 from Mondays to Fridays, 9-5pm. You may also visit,

Other Technology Innovation pioneered by PhilCare

GO! Mobile - is mobile application launched by PhilCare last 2013. The app is designed as a quick reference guide for members on their coverage and benefits while also giving access to complete lists of PhilCare-affiliated hospitals, clinics, and doctors.

eCommerce website - PhilCare also recently launched its eCommerce website in addition to its mobile app - becoming the first HMO provider to offer online purchases for its health care packages.

About PhilCare: 
Established in 1982, PhilCare is one of the country’s pioneering Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) companies. The company is built on a vision to allow Filipinos enjoy a better quality of life by providing them access to world-class health services. Three decades after it was founded, PhilCare remains a pioneer and a recognized leader in Philippine HMO. Today, PhilCare sets the pace for the industry not only with the reliable in-patient and out-patient health care it provides, but also with the total wellness and healthy living it actively promotes.

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