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Sunday, April 03, 2016

Our health is the most precious possession we have however, it is always taken for granted especially nowadays where everything is fast-paced and mobile. As part of the labor force, we are entitled to have a health card but it’s usually for ourselves only. How about our families? Or our beloved employees? Is there any group health insurance? That’s not a problem anymore as PhilCare – the leading HMO Company here in the Philippines is offering group health insurance to take away our worries. They offer different SME health packages.

Many companies opt to offer insurance to their employees as a benefit. For most businesses, health insurance is the second-largest expenditure in their budget, especially for a small company. Because of this, careful consideration and planning must go into the choice of medical coverage.

As costs of health care are increasingly becoming expensive by each passing day, but PhilCare revolutionizes the healthcare industry in the Philippines as it customizes the health insurance for small business. Innovation is very possible in small businesses. In these tiny enterprises, employees usually work in close proximity to consumers and learn firsthand about their needs. That’s why PhilCare provides group health packages even with five employees only. Small businesses present new employment opportunities and serve as the building blocks of the country’s largest corporations.

PhilCare’s SME health packages let you turn your small business into a powerhouse by providing your employees with extensive health benefits, resulting in better output and fewer employee sick days. Their health plans for small businesses allows you to customize according to your preference and needs, and are perfectly designed for 5 to 99 persons minus the expensive cost. SMEs classified under restaurants, hotels, real estate, tourism, seafarers, retail outlets, IT, banking, insurance, publishing, print and advertising, professional and research services, manufacturing of food and beverages), agencies/brokers, telecommunications, and security services are encouraged to inquire and will get fast approval. Assuming basic documents are submitted immediately, SMEs can be covered within 1 week.
They can guarantee your employees quality health care with their cost-effective and financially sustainable SME group packages that provides you access to our SME wellness programs, with maximum benefit limit per illness, preventive and out-patient healthcare, in-patient and emergency care, along with added benefits such as term life and accidental death and dismemberment, dental service, PhilCare Travel Assist, hospital income benefit, ambulance service, PhilHealth rider, and dengue coverage.
Members can also enjoy maximum assistance through our 24/7 customer hotline or pay a visit to our wide network of accredited medical professionals in over 1,000 affiliated clinics and hospitals.

PhilCare is the perfect partner for any company looking to expand the benefits of its people. Its health care services for small and medium enterprises are meant to help those smaller businesses stay competitive in the marketplace while ensuring the health of its workforce.

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