Travel Diary: Capalonga, Camarines Norte

Friday, February 09, 2018

Travel Diary: Capalonga, Camarines Norte - There's more to Camarines, Norte! 
Camarines Norte is known for the Calaguas Island. When we say Camarines Norte, people nowadays would often think about Calaguas Island. But what will you do if the coast guard won't allow you to ride the boat and sail to the island and you're already there? Reminding you that it is essential to have a back up plan or plan B, so we did have a backup plan. And in our case, we explored one of the municipalities in CamNorte, the municipality of Capalonga - there's more to Camarines Norte! 

I had a recent trip to Camarines Norte together with the team and I was looking forward to go to Calaguas and other islands but lo and behold, due to the bad weather, the coast guard didn't allow us to sail to the islands. But bad weather didn't stop our itchy feet and wander lust. Instead of wallowing around, we went on and explored the municipality of Capalonga. Capalonga is one and a half hour away from Daet, the capital of Camarines Norte. You can either ride a bus or uv express. Tricycle is the main mode of transportation in the province, but don't worry it's cheap and the tricycle drivers are honest.

Since Camarines Norte is one of the provinces in the Philippines that has long shore lines, there's a lot of beaches to go to without leaving the main land. There are two beaches we went to during the trip: the Tinago Beach and the Bamban Beach. 
The sand in the Tinago Beach is quite yellow-brown but it's still very Instagrammable. Scarf care of ate Jona of
Tinago Beach:
Tinago beach is just a trike away from the town of Capalonga. The entrance is just Php 10.00 per person and if you will opt to have a cottage, it costs around Php 200.00-250.00. The beach has a lot of coconut husk during this time of the year that's why some also call it as coconut husk beach. But this coming March, or as the summer starts, the coconut husk will be washed away and would have a clean beach as the locals said. There's also cool rock formations and mangrove nearby ready for Instagram shots. 
Entrance of the Tinago Beach, as you can see, there's a lot of coconut husk on the shore.
The awesome rock formation at Tinago Beach.
Bamban Beach:
Bamban beach is "near" the Tinago Beach. The trikes can't take you there so you have to walk 3 kilometers to go there. The way is rather and obstacle than a normal pathway since it's muddy, some streams, cool wooden little bridges which is kind of a Survivor or Extra Challenge feel especially if it rained or raining. But Bamban beach is better than Tinago beach and much better to be called a secret beach since it's kind of far. So if you're going the Bamban beach, make sure to explore and go to Bamban Beach too. And it is free.
Above is the visible sand bar of the Bamban Beach whenever it's low tide.
Little mangrove trees are growing in Bamban Beach.

Banca-banca Falls:
Photo op at Banca-banca Falls
There's also a lot of waterfalls to checkout in the area, but the one we went to was the Banca-banca Falls in Sitio Cabibirok, the entrance/  environmental fee would be just Php 20.00 only. From the road or point of drop-off you have to trek to the falls for around 5-10 mins. It is a 6-level falls where you can hike up and just go down with the alternative route. The good thing is that, the rocks weren't slippery at all even some of us were just wearing flipflops.

Talagpucao Port: 
 You can also checkout the Talagpucao Port where there would be water activities like kayak, banana boat, jetski and etc. soon as per Mr. Rod E. Rawat, Capalonga Tourism Officer.
Locals like hang out and do some fishing in Talagpucao Port. 
Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan Atbp.:
Ambassador of Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan. Lol XD.
The last item on this article would be about food - because food is lifer! Your trip to Camarines Norte wouldn't be complete if you haven't dine at Mommy Terry's Bulaluhan Atbp. Located at the roadside near Talagpucao Port, Mommy Terry's is the go-to place for everyone who loves good homey-feel food. And take note, it's affordable and freshly made daily. Aside from the famous bulalo, people loves the fresh seafood they are serving, it varies depends on the catch of the day. I love the crabs. The small carinderia by the adorable mommy Terry is usually very busy every meal time. 
The Tuna Steak or Bistek na Tuna. Yummy!
Fresh crabs all day (available until finished) - breakfast, lunch, dinner.
And that sums up my short getaway to the province of Camirines Norte. In your next trip to the Camarines Norte, make sure to include  the municipality of Capalonga and experience the #Capalonganda. Camarines Norte has a lot to offer  that needs to be explored. As we know, Philippines won't stop surprising you because there's a lot more.Use the official hashtags: #Capalonganda #ComeToCamNorte #ExcitingCapalonga #CapalongaTourism so we could further connect.

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