3 Tips to Take Care of Your Hair

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Our hair is a part of who we are and we should always make sure to take great care of it. Sometimes, we know what to do, other times we research, and most of the time, we do what we are told to do. We hear a lot of tips in taking care of our hair, from serums, conditioners, and “leave-ons”, we have tried all those due to the claim that it will make things better for your hair. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking in tips here and there, but we’ll give you three anyway.

1. Use Lukewarm or Cool Water
Hot water, no matter how relaxing it may be, can damage the hair and roots. It can dry out the follicles and cause easy breakage and dreadful split ends. Using cool water can close the pores on the scalp and locking in moisture to keep your hair silky and soft!

2. Don’t Use Too Much Shampoo
Yes, we are all familiar with the heat of the Philippines and how it can make your hair feel icky, sticky, and messy. That may be case, but too much shampoo dries out the scalp, thus damaging the hair. You can also dilute it in water to lessen the concentration.

3. Use the Same Brand of Shampoo and Conditioner
Brands use different formula when creating their products. When you keep switching your shampoo or conditioner, your scalp has to keep adjusting. It’s like drinking different kinds of medicine for fever. It’s better to stick to one brand that works best for you.

These three tips may really help strengthening your hair, but for more effective hair care solutions, visit the nearest Svenson! You can always get the best hair care treatment from the best hair loss center.

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