What to Bring on a Last-Minute Trip

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

What to Bring on a Last-Minute Trip

Nothing in this world feels better than knowing the weekend is right around the corner. The weekend means rest, relaxation, and probably a last minute trip! For sudden out-of-town trips, make sure to have all your travel essentials. Follow this list:

1. Camera

Capture every moment you have with your friends or family. If you’re alone, then a photo of your solo moment is something for the books! Either way, don’t ever forget to bring your camera, whether you’re going out of town, or just a simple night out, capturing moments should never be forgotten.

2. Sunglasses!

In the Philippines, the sun is our daily companion. While it may look amazing when it’s setting, it can be torture when you don’t have a cap, a umbrella, or shades on. Don’t ever forget to bring your favorite Sorrento Sunwear shades to make sure your eyes are protected from the hard rays of the sun.

3. Extra Water

It is undoubtedly hot in the Philippines. It can cause heat strokes especially when you are dehydrated. No matter the distance or the destination, be sure to have an extra bottle of water should you suddenly feel thirsty. Better safe than sorry!

4. Patience

Okay, this one is not a concrete item, but it is important! When traveling in the Philippines, you should pack up lots and lots of patience. The traffic is bad, there are drivers who can annoy you along the way, or traffic enforcers who don’t help in easing the traffic on the roads.

Lastly… Don’t forget to enjoy your trip and make memories!

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