Live in the Moment is a lifestyle and travel blog by a lady who enjoys life to the fullest even though she has her very demanding full-time day job. In this blog, you will see write-ups of products, restaurants, hotels, resorts, and travel destinations. Since it is started as a lifestyle blog, you can see anything under the sun as whatever she has in her mind and interests. 

The past year has been a rough road of busy schedules and workload as she quits her corporate job in the business world specifically in brand, marketing, and digital marketing department – as a social media manager for different companies and brands. She’s also into public relations, marketing and events. Though, she still practices those as a freelancer. 

As she adjusted to the transition of her work life from the corporate world to the education world, now she’s trying out to revive the love for blogging as she was on a deep hiatus the past months and decided March 2017 is the re-launch of the website as she realized writing has always been a part of her. 

Jean Cyrene graduated from the Philippine Normal University with a degree in Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English – a licensed professional teacher and currently working as a loving teacher in one of the schools in Makati City. She has also completed courses in an Irish educational institution and got her diplomas from the Shaw University in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Online Reputation Management. 

Currently, Jean Cyrene resides in Manila enjoying life and making the most out of it while maintaining her career. She enjoys various activities that get her interest like photography, food, art, talking a lot, sleeping, overthinking, procrastinating, traveling, making friends and memories. She travels to meet new people and gain new experiences. 

“I hope that you enjoy reading my blog, thank you for dropping by!” ~ Cy <3

I am DREAMER who believes all her dreams will come true in God's time.

This blog contains pictures that are mine which I have taken or asked someone else to take it for me... but this may contain pictures that aren't mine but I'll sure to put the right credits especially if I know who's the owner. If you do not want your photo to be here on my page, kindly contact me or just ask, I'll take it down ASAP.

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